Fisheries could benefit from biodiversity and conserve it, too

According to, recent studies have found that biodiversities can be very beneficial for the fisheries, thus helping the market while also not harming but conserving the diversity of nature. The study was originally done at the Simon Fraser University in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. It’s considered very beneficial for the market.

Merits and Demerits of biodiversity in fisheries:

While fishing in the Pacifics is quite a fortune to the fishermen, it might not be the same for the fishes and their offsprings. The fish seems to be coming from different areas at different times of the year and migrate back after the specific time being. This results in mixed breeds and local breeds. This also highlights the fact that several different types of fish are imported and exported and are thus helping the industry in the best possible ways. This, on the other hand, puts the industry at risk shortly. There are several mixed cultures in a fish watershed, and many of them have very low productivity. When the fish from different parts of the world gets mixed and cross amongst different breeds, there is no guarantee that the new breed will have good or low productivity. Thus, there are now fish with different types of productivity calculations. While providing these to the market in similar numbers, some of the new breeds also have the chance to become endangered and finally extinct. This might not be a matter of concern now but would be thought of shortly.

Ways to work for biodiversity:

The way to control the biodiversity of this fish population is by identifying between productive and non-productive stocks of the fish. It is often noted that there goes a decrease in the price of a certain fish at a certain season, thus increasing its demand. This leads to over-fishing of that type of fish, thus endangering them. Often, the fishery managers demand and instruct for more fish of a particular type, leading to the endangerment of weakfish stock. These matters can be solved through proper communication at each level of the market and by sharing real information before setting the price and targetting the selling of any breed of fish. This will help run the fisheries at more profits while ensuring a long-lasting industry and saving the fishes’ biodiversity under target. So, the moto is to co-exist and help sustain the biodiversity instead of destroying it for the initial benefits of the human population, which later turns into demerits.

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