2021 Wrapped: Spotify Keeps Crashing? Here’s The Solution

 Who doesn’t love music? It’s an essential thing for all the music liver out there. And modern-day internet has made listening to music even more convenient and fun. And most of us have subscribed to at least one music streaming platform; Spotify is the most famous one. I have used Spotify for a long time. And every year, at the end of the year, I wait eagerly for Spotify’s special surprise “year wrapped.”

Spotify released “2021 wrapped” on December 1st. And everyone was really excited about it. This year “year wrapped” was supposed to be extra special. But when I tried to open my “2021 wrapped,” my app crashed. I reopened the app, but it kept crashing. At first, I thought something was wrong with my mobile, so I tried to open it from another device, but it still kept crashing me.

I googled this and found out that I wasn’t alone. Many people were facing the same issue, from phones to flagship android users. Someone even opened a thread on Reddit to discuss this.

And this is not the first time Spotify has had this issue. You may think they will fix it, but they won’t. They never did in the past.

So what now?

So I know how important Spotify wrapped is for people here are a few solutions that worked for some people:

1. Clean app cache: So open Spotify. Click on the settings button on the top right corner. From there, find out the option called storage. There you will find the option “clear cache”, click on it, then reopen the app. This worked for many people. But if it doesn’t work, there are other ways too.

2021 Wrapped: Spotify Keeps Crushing? Here's The Solution.

2. Uninstall and reinstall: Some people said on Reddit that uninstalling the app and then reinstalling fixed the bug for the.

If you are like me and none of the two solutions above worked for you, then try out the next one. This solved the issue for most people. 

2021 Wrapped: Spotify Keeps Crushing? Here's The Solution.

3. System animation: Head to developers option in settings. Turn it on, then find the option “animation-duration scale” set it to 1x, and it should fix the problem. Some of you might not find the developer’s option in settings.

That’s because you need to enable it first. Click this to learn how to enable the developers’ option

2021 Wrapped: Spotify Keeps Crushing?

Even so, if your Spotify keeps crashing, you can do another though this way. You won’t be able to see all the “2021 wrapped” stories. You’ll be able to see most of them> Just open the app and click on the “2021 wrapped,” and skip through the tab that crashes.

Also, you may try to see it from your friend’s mobile. Or maybe get bluestack or an android emulator on your PC and watch it there.

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