Omicron Cases Rise: Plan C Ready for Execution in the UK

Omicron cases rising in the US and UK (BN)
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Britain’s wish to have the Christmas bash of this year might be skewed to restrictions and lockdown.
As the top minister, Michael Gove argued that Omicron accounts for 30 percent of all cases in London, a fresh lockdown is at the brink.

The number of Omicron cases in the UK right now is 1,265.
The restriction is necessary to stagnate the spread. The fast transmission is said to be the threatening feature of this variant.

Vaccination stimulation and Restrictions

The first Omicron case came from an English Primary school in Kent. Since then the cases have soared up in the country.
The vaccines seem the only tunnel to get through. New variants such as the Delta variant and Omicron haven’t ruled out the vaccination effect.

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The new vaccination guidelines for the Omicron are

  • Everyone over 18 to get a booster
  • Waiting time has been cut to 3 months
  • Kids between 12 to 15 can now get a second dose
  • Immune suppressed to get the 4th jab.

Boris Johnson initiated Plan B as Omicron infection increased.
Face masks in cinemas are compulsory and work from home.

In between, the Prime Minister introduced vaccine passports.

This surged a massive rebuke against it, as vaccine passports or negative tests are now mandatory to enter a public building. Even entering restaurants and bars would be subjected to the vaccine passports.

The State of Emergency

Government ministers such as Michael Give and Nicola Sturgeon warned of a “potential tsunami of infections”.
This would possibly lead to heavy restrictions and lockdown, exceedingly even after Christmas.

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Mr. Johnson has canceled his Christmas parties. The citizens would also be requested to celebrate this coming Christmas in their homes.


Cases of Omicron have led to many airport restrictions as well. This means that families and friends will not come together for Christmas.

This Christmas would be a dull one for sure, but the spread of the virus will halt down.

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