Apple Watch Series 8 Fever Detection Sensor: Everything You Need To Know

Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter, has revealed that the new Apple Watch Series 8 will be equipped with a fever detection sensor.

Apple has always been serious about health and fitness, and we can see that its technology has been efficient in benefiting its users lately.

In the statement, it has been revealed that the feature will be available in not only one but two of their editions. The Apple Watch Series 8 might come up with this wonderful feature while there are chances for the sensor to be present in the rugged edition as well.

When is the Apple Watch Series 8 launching?

Though most of the Apple products are in queue with the release date, it is believed that the Apple Watch Series 8 will give its debut in September alongside the launch of the iPhone 14 series.

However, it is believed that the Apple Watch Series 8 will range from 45,900 and above. But the price may vary accordingly.

Features of the new sensor:

It is believed from the statement of security analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, that the company has been working on the algorithm with which the model will allow users to know about their body temperature.

Though Mark Gurman gave his knowledge regarding this and informed that the sensor is not expected to work exactly like the thermometer and won’t be able to provide the reading but will ALERT the user if the watch experiences an unusual hike in the user’s temperature.

The watch will encourage the user to either use a thermometer or consult a doctor for the matter. There won’t be any change in the watch’s hardware and all the other features will be the same as before, in addition to this new and exciting feature.

Where the release of the Apple Watch Series 7 was equipped with the ECG feature that generated an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram, it is relieving to know that the eighth series could help the user to know the change in bodily temperature anytime and anywhere. Yagya Shekhar

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