Pics: Emily Elizabeth In Her Little Bikini Flaunts Body

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.

Emily Elizabeth showcases ample cleavage in her tiny swimwear!

The social media star has people buzzing over her latest Instagram post. Over the weekend, Emily shared a set of photos, which she captioned, “summer photo dump.” One pic showed the model in a racy two-piece that bared her killer curves.

Driving Instagram Wild

Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The 24-year-old posed in a polka-dot bikini that hugged her voluminous assets. It had a brown base and white spots all over. The fabric stretched over her bust, while its plunging neckline highlighted her perky cleavage. It also boasted a halter-neck style with strings tied behind her neck and around her back. Although, the triangle cups were too tiny that she spilled out from the sides — showing a hint of underboob and sideboob.

The itty-bitty bottoms were snug and hugged her lower half as she flaunted her hips and toned thighs. It only had a small piece of fabric that covered her nethers, which left little to the imagination. The front side dipped low, highlighting her flat tummy in the process. Its straps were tied at the sides of her hips, emphasizing her petite waist and hourglass frame.

Spilling Out Of Her Tiny Bikini Top

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera in her bikini.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

In the snapshot, the influencer from Florida struck a sultry pose in her living room. She appeared to be standing on the off-white plushy rug while popping her right hip to the side. As her thighs were parted, Emily slightly bent her left knee. She let her arms hang on her sides as she looked straight into the lens with her lips parted and a sultry gaze.

A cozy-looking couch that matched the rug, a top glass table and paintings were seen in the background. The light pouring in from the nearby window made the area bright, and her skin look glowing.

A Summer Full Of Adventure

Emily Elizabeth getting a tattoo,
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily opted for a hairstyle that featured loose waves and let her long platinum blond locks fall over her shoulder with the ends grazing her bust. She opted for her usual makeup look, which included defined eyebrows, faux lashes, a hint of blush, and a shimmering highlighter.

Other pics on the share showed Emily getting a tattoo on her ankle, the sunset with her boyfriend walking their dog, and a big plate of pizza. Emily’s recent vacation in Hawaii was also seen, as well as other random snaps and a video of a capybara.

Getting All The Love From Her Fans

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera in her bikini.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, and a lot of them loved the images, including the photo featuring her itsy-bitsy bikini. The post garnered plenty of likes and dozens of comments.

“#1 is all we care about honey! Seriously!! Just Smoke!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😎” one user gushed.

“It must have been very difficult for the tattooist to keep his eyes off you and concentrate,” remarked another commenter.

“2nd picture I don’t know if I could focus on that tattoo lol,” echoed the third follower.

“All I can say is WOW, beautiful pics in beautiful locations,” added the fourth admirer.

The BEST Wet Look

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth


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