Live boxing betting in India

Live boxing betting in India offers a wide line for live betting on boxing. Join us and get 35,000 ₹ on your first deposit.

One of the most spectacular combat sports on earth is boxing. Professional boxing matches can attract millions of television viewers and create enormous hype.  For this reason, betting on live boxing is a popular area of activity for many people involved in betting business. A lot of them nowadays use advanced means of payment, so our website makes it possible for our clients to make payments with cryptocurrencies: this is an instant and anonymous payment method used by billions of people.

To make successful live boxing bets you should have an excellent knowledge of this sport, be aware of all the latest events, and have reliable information about the preparation of athletes. The ability to analyze the fight is a key point in betting on live boxing, so you should watch the fights in live broadcasts as well as in archives, so you can better understand the fighting techniques of specific athletes.

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If you have chosen live boxing as a possible way to make money on bets, then the bookmaker’s office must be chosen particularly carefully. You should compare the odds for the same event from different betting houses and choose the betting office with the higher odds. Don’t forget to check the odds on our portal as well: we offer good wide lines on live boxing!

Live Boxing Betting Tips

  • Boxing is an individual martial art, where great importance is assigned to the mental state of the opponents. In addition to physical condition and skills, this parameter greatly affects the results of the fight. It is very important to keep an eye on the emotional state of the boxer, because it influences, whether it is worth betting on him or it is better to skip this boxing live match today.
  • Amateur live boxing is represented in most bookmakers’ offices only during the Olympics, world championships or other major international tournaments. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to analyze the athletes or evaluate their motivation level. We recommend you to bet mainly on professional box sports live as it is a more predictable sport discipline.
  • The first round in a boxing match often greatly affects the results of the match, and the bookmaker can change the odds immediately. In live boxing betting it is recommended to bet after three or four rounds, when the bettor gets the basic information about the opponents. You can bet on the outcome of the meeting, a separate round, the total, the handicap, and the possibility of ending a boxing match early. But there is one exception in the next tip.
  • If the weaker fighter unexpectedly started the match aggressively, then the bookmakers will raise the odds on the favorite. If you are confident in the victory of this boxer, you should immediately bet more money on him.
  • Take into account the judging factor for local athletes: in the history of boxing there were many scandalous decisions, when the victory was given to the local fighter, although his opponent was not worse, and sometimes even better.
  • Check to see, if one of the competitors might be considered a so-called favorite as a matter of habit. Sometimes a big name decides the betting odds, and that can be a trap: a lot of  people bet on a certain athlete just for his name, without having enough information about his recent achievements in the ring. Carefully watch his performance in the first rounds, and then you will have enough information for a successful live boxing bet.
  • Find the appropriate information on whether or not one of the competitors has had a weight class change. As a rule, the performance usually decreases, when the category is changed. If a boxer has moved up a category and gained a lot of weight, he may have serious problems in the second half of the match.
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