Aviation minister Raju: I am a heavy smoker and i carry matchbox in plane

Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju has stirred up a new controversy as he openly proclaimed that he used to carry matchboxes on flights which is a clear cut violation of aviation rules.

He admitted that before becoming the minister, matchbox used to get confiscated when he boards a flight. But now, after becoming the Union Minister, people have stopped frisking him, and as a result matchboxes used to remain in his pocket.

The minister also called himself a ‘heavy smoker’, and added that he used to carry matchboxes wherever he goes.

Aviation minister Raju

As per Ashok Gajapathi Raju, it is practically impossible to hijack a plane with matchbox. Raju told that he has not come across an incident worldwide where a matchbox has emerged as a threat while flying.

The minister’s comments have fetched negative reactions from various corners. Many people in the country openly expressed their concern on the civil aviation security.

However, after making all these comments, the minister finally emphasized that security should be meaningful rather than being obtrusive.

The comments of a Union Minister about the tobacco issue had created huge controversies in the recent days, and things have turned more worse for Modi Government as another minister has openly come forward with an irresponsible statement.

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