Watch Video: Lisa Haydon performs Surya Namaskar in a bikini!

Watch Video: Lisa Hayden doing Surya Namaskar in Bikini!

Model and Indian actress Lisa Haydon uploaded a sexy video of hers on Instagram in which she is performing Surya Namaskar in a bikini!

The actress is known for her bold avatar and sexy roles in Bollywood movies like “Queen” and many others.

Lisa’s boyfriend Karan Bhojwani also is visible in the video and looks amused by Lisa’s water antics!

Lisa Hayden bikini

So enjoy the video and don’t forget to hit the replay button after watching Lisa perform Suryanamaskar in a bikini to see it again.

Lisa Haydon wanted to become a yoga teacher at 18, but her close friends suggested she to pursue modeling.

Lisa lived in Australia and the U.S. and later settled in India in 2007 to pursue modelling.