This Netflix New Psychological Thriller Becomes A Global Hit

This Netflix New Psychological Thriller Becomes A Global Hit

There’s one Netflix movie that you might have heard but don’t know about it. This Netflix movie was released on November 1, 2023 and has been on the number 1 in the top 10 list. 

This is a thriller movie with a complex storyline about a woman who has locked-in syndrome. This makes her immobile and tries to find out the mystery behind her injury.

The Cast Of “Locked In” 

The movie cast includes one of the most famous actresses Famke Janssen. She is known for playing Xenia Onatopp in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye. Other people include Rose Williams, Alex Hassel, Finn Cole, and Anna Friel.

The movie is directed by Nour Wazzi and is written by Rowan Joffé. After just five days of release the movie has taken the top position on Netflix’s Global Top 10. 

How Is “Locked In” Being Received?

Not many people have seen the movie “Locked In” because it’s not very popular. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, only four critics have written reviews about the movie, and that’s not enough for the movie to get a score. 

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Pramit Chatterjee from Digital Mafia Talkies said, “Locked In” is just another boring Netflix thriller.” “Locked In” is actually a movie that you would have preferred to stop watching. Benjamin Lee expressed this in his review, for The Guardian.

In response, Lori Meek from “Ready Steady Cut” expressed her thoughts stating that “Locked In” is the kind of thriller you’d typically expect to watch on Lifetime on a Friday night. However this isn’t necessarily a thing.

Out of the 17.8 million views it received “Locked In” received ratings from more than 50 individuals on Rotten Tomatoes resulting in a 23 percent audience score.

Considering how “Locked In” unexpectedly climbed to the top of Netflix’s Global Top 10 perhaps it can leverage its popularity to maintain its dominance on the charts for weeks to come.

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