Ebola hits India: Young man isolated at Delhi airport

The most vicious fear has finally come true as a person from the country has been identified with Ebola virus in his body. This Indian man who came from Liberia has undergone treatment for Ebola there, and he was considered as a survivor.

But when he underwent mandatory medical screening at the Delhi International Airport, he told the officials that he was admitted to a hospital in Liberia for febrile illness.

Later, the semen of this 26 old young man was sent for further investigation, and it has been proved that his bodily fluids contain traces of this deadly virus. The test was carried out by experts at the National Centre for Disease Control and the National Institute of Virology on Monday, November 17th 2014.

This news about the first Ebola person in India was later confirmed by Indian Medical Council. As per experts, the virus traces in the young man’s semen will continue as it is for 90 days after recovery, and during this time, he will be kept under isolation.

Till the expulsion of Ebola virus from the body, the man will be staying in a special health facility of the Delhi Airport Health Organization. The officials have taken all kind of precautions to combat the spreading of this disease, and they issued a statement telling that everything is under control.

This young man had a medical clearance certificate by the Health ministry of Liberia while coming to Delhi, and this has raised many questions from all corners.

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