6 Things to Know About Visual Studio Code

6 Things to Know About Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a different thing, and Visual Studio is the other thing, so today we are going to talk about Visual Studio Code, then look Visual Studio Code is a code editor inside which you can code any program, and you can also edit it; Microsoft has made this code editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has a lot of features inside, the first of which is 

  1.  Debugging – 

Now let’s see what debugging is. Debugging is such a thing that fixes whatever bugs occur inside the program if I speak in simple language if there is any minor defect inside the program. If it does, it can be corrected through the Visual Studio Code editor. 

  1. Syntax Highlighting –

What is Syntax Highlighting? Syntax highlighting is a simple thing inside which any code can be highlighted so that anyone can copy that code easily and make our program look good.

   3. Intelligent Code Completion – 

Now see, Intelligent Code Completion is such a thing that if you are coding any program and you make a common mistake, you can write your code through a pop-up there. Standard errors can be easily corrected. 

  1. Snippets –  

This is such a thing. If you are coding, then you do not have to write the same code again and again; it is difficult for a human to remember an extensive 

code, then you have to. The principle is to be put in snippets only once, and then whenever you write that code, all you have to do is press enter, and that code is written there automatically. 

  1. Code Refactoring –

Code refactoring is such a thing without changing the function of that program and without reducing the speed, you can change the design, process, and

structure of that program and make it a good program. 

  1. Embedded Git – 

It is the software inside which you can do all the work you need in coding. For example, tracking changes in any set of files, viewing history, managing projects, and many others come under it. 

A short description of Visual Studio Code – 

Visual Studio Code is a code editor which Microsoft creates for Windows, Linux, and macOS.