Migratory Bird In Chilika Lagoon Witnesses Marginal Increase

The annual bird census reports bring in some very good news for bird lovers. The migratory bird from Chilika lagoon sees a marginal rise from last year. Their population has increased to 7.61 lakhs compared to 7.19 lakh last year.

The findings of the bird census released on Friday evening also highlights that more species of birds flocked at the 1,100 sq km brackish water lagoon regarded as the largest coastal lagoon in India and second largest lagoon globally this year compared to last year.

Chilika lagoon

Around 172 species were spotted at the huge water area. Last year they only recorded around 158 species.

The report also states that few new species were also viewed during the census period. The newer species includes White-tailed sea eagle and comb ducks. They have been seen for the very first time at Chilika during the wintering months.

Country’s largest lagoon is known to hosts over 160 birds species during peak migratory season. It is believed that migratory bird population comes from far off shores which include Baikal Lake, Caspian Sea as well as other far-flung areas of Russia, Siberia and Mongolia.

Even birds fromLadakh and Himalayas come here. It is interesting to note that many birds travel great distances, probably over 12,000 km, to arrive at Chilika Lake.

Nalabana Bird Sanctuary in Chilka Lake, the huge mudflat is known to offer adequate feed to this wandering bird community.

Last year the population observed a fall in its number due to heavy rainfall which was followed by cyclone ‘Phailin’ that stormed in during October.

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