Big Update On ‘Extraction 3’ By Netflix Film Chief

Big Update On 'Extraction 3' By Netflix Film Chief

Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave told the Extraction movie fans about the coming threequel. They said this at Netflix’s ‘TUDUM’ event, fans were excited about the “Extraction 3” movie in development. 

But we will not get to see the movie complete anytime soon. Due to the current SAG-AFTRA strike the movie might get delayed. However, Netflix’s Head of Film Scott Stuber has some updates regarding the franchise.

When Will “Extraction 3” Release?

During the opening of the American Cinematheque Stuber expressed that both Netflix and the fans are excited about another installment in the Tyler Rake movie series. 

However they understand the importance of not hurrying through the process. Moreover with Idris Elba’s involvement in the project they recognize that fans will have expectations.

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The threequel of Extraction is currently in its initial phases of production and as a result there isn’t a release date scheduled yet. 

Nevertheless Scott Stuber stated that the studio is not in a hurry to push for its completion. They are committed to granting the filmmakers time to create a spectacular movie.

How “Extraction 2” Stood On Fans Expectations

“Extraction 2” managed to accomplish what seemed impossible by convincing viewers that Tyler Rake had miraculously survived the events of the film. 

The approach was taken cautiously, as a portion of the sequel’s twenty minutes dedicated to showcasing how the main character had to face dire consequences and make substantial sacrifices in order to get back into action. 

One noteworthy aspect that sets the Extraction franchise apart from action movies is its attention to even the smallest details.

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“Extraction 2” not only achieved the impossible but also managed to convince viewers that Tyler Rake had miraculously returned from the intense climax of the initial movie. 

Stuber accepted that due to the ongoing strike their team got off the track. He said that this was the reason why Extraction 3 did not make it to Netflix’s list.

He mentioned that once actors are able to come to an agreement regarding compensation it will be the moment to return to what everyone at the industry excels at which storytelling.

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