Pegasus Row Committee Submits An Interim Report

The expert committee assigned to investigate The Pegasus scandal, in which Israeli spyware was allegedly used to spy on politicians, journalists, judges, and government officials, has requested further time to conclude its inquiry.

According to The Wire, the panel, led by Justice (Retd) Raveendran, has already filed its interim report with the Supreme Court, which is expected to review it on February 28.

More Than 142 People Were Targeted?

More than 142 were on the list of spyware. This list includes some infamous names of a politician like Rahul Gandhi, 40 journalists, ex-servicemen, former Attorney General, ex election commissioner. But, as spyware manufacturers stated, they supply their products only to the government and their agencies.

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Last year, the Pegasus controversy emerged after a worldwide news consortium revealed that multiple countries had employed the spyware to target activists, journalists, and other members of civil society.

In response to a slew of petitions, the Supreme Court ordered the formation of a three-member expert committee in October. The court, overturning nearly every argument made by the Centre, stated that privacy is an issue shared by all citizens, not only journalists and social activists.

The row erupted again last month when the New York Times reported that Pegasus spyware and a missile system were the “centerpieces” of a $2 billion contract between India and Israel in 2017, which included weaponry and intelligence equipment.