Gambling Operations In Jabalpur Halt As Police Widens Its Dragnet

Gambling Operations In The Jabalpur Halt As Police Widens Its Dragnet

The gambling or Satta bazaar is in a state of shock after an all-out action by Jabalpur Police. SP Sidhartha Bahaguna has embarked on a mission to break the back of the mafia and gambling networks in the city. The current IPL season has led to the emergence of many gambling and betting circuits operating both from within the city and overseas. Police for the last one week has been tightening the noose around the big satta kingpins. This has forced most of the satta operators to underground. 

Betting Kingpin In Dubai

The satta business has its links overseas also. The biggest circuit is being operated from Dubai by Satish Sanpal.  Police are raiding numerous locations to apprehend the goons who are operating the satta and betting centers all over the city. The police have raided more than 20 locations, but the wanted goons were able to escape the dragnet.

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The action against the betting syndicate is being conducted under SP Siddharth Bahuguna. The Crime Branch has created an SIT team, and the operations are being conducted on a big scale. More than 20 people are under arrest, and the police have been able to get vital information about the modus operandi of the betting syndicate. A lot of big merchants from reputable businesses have also been found to indulge in betting.  

Parallel Investigation By Income Tax Department

The Income Tax department is also conducting a parallel investigation into the wealth of the betting kingpin, Satish Sanpal. The Income Tax Department has unearthed huge Benami properties worth crores of rupees and a huge tranche of cash from the residences of the betting kingpin.

The Khatri brothers have been pinpointed as the main people who were looking after the betting operation in Jabalpur. The brothers are absconding, but the police, in a statement, have said that they will be under custody soon.  

The latest operations are a part of the MP Government’s anti-mafia operations. Properties worth crores of rupees have been recovered, and the government is determined to take the operation to its logical end. 

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