Gungun Gupta Sex Video Scandal: Who Is Deepu Chawla? Alleged of Leaking The Viral Video Clip

Gungun Gupta Sex Video Scandal: Who Is Deepu Chawla? Alleged of Leaking The Viral Video Clip

Following the MMS issues involving Pakistani YouTuber Aliza Sehar and the Kulhad Pizza Couple in Jalandhar, another social media influencer is currently in the news for the same reason. We are speaking about Gungun Gupta, a 19-year-old Instagram influencer.

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Gupta Gungun MMS Controversy

Current reports claim that Gungun Gupta and a child identified as Deepu Chawla are the subjects of a private video chat that appeared online.

Here is the leaked video

Another unexpected uproar has been sparked by an alleged MMS film that purports to show a young girl who resembles Gungun in a compromising circumstance during a video call.

Gungun Gupta leaked Video Scandal: Who Is Deepu Chawla?

The video gained widespread distribution within minutes, appearing on chat apps, adult websites, YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter, among other social media platforms.

Since then, many have been curious about the identity of Deepu Chawla, the man featured in the stolen MMS video.

Gungun Gupta Sex Video Scandal: Who Is Deepu Chawla? Aleged of Leaking The Viral Video

Information Regarding Gungun Gupta

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For those who do not know, Gungun Gupta is a well-known content creator and social media influencer who has a sizable following on YouTube and Instagram. She is a Delhi native with more than 66.1k subscribers to her YouTube channel and over 5.8 million Instagram followers. Gungun is well-known for her dance videos and lip-syncs.

Gungun Gupta Sex Video clip Scandal: Who Is Deepu Chawla?

Deepu Chawla: Who Is he?

Even though everyone is interested in learning more about the man in the purported Gungun Gupta MMS video, there is still online information about him besides his picture. His social media activity and relationship with the Instagram influencer remain unclear. Furthermore, Gungun has not yet responded to the ongoing dispute.

We are eagerly awaiting Gungun Gupta’s answer as this ongoing debate develops. Seeing young social media influencers like her become targets in these circumstances is depressing. We strongly denounce these kinds of activities.

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